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A British indie comedy in the making has turned up on our radar and we think you should know about it too!

We've recently become involved in this fantastic project called Fireworks, a quirky independent film about families and fireworks. The plot of the film is centered around 13 year old Kat who runs away to Scotland to meet her biological father, Gillies. It transpires that her father is bipolar, a condition controlled by lithium carbonate, which just so happens to be the crucial ingredient in fireworks. Father and daughter hatch a plan to build a giant celebratory firework. Without fully understanding her father’s condition, Kat encourages Gillies to donate his medication to the project.

Here’s where we come in. When Kat flees London in search of Gillies she is wearing a bright, stripy scarf that Ian, the man she always knew as Dad until he died, wears in an old family photo. This scarf becomes synonymous with Kat’s character and remains constant throughout the film. Our good friend and fantastic knitwear designer Carlo Volpi has designed this very special scarf with our yarn. Using our brightly coloured merino wool Carlo has created a scarf that incorporates two opposing elements of the bipolar condition, the controlling and manic nature of bipolar versus its creative and expressive potential.

We are really excited about this film! As lovers of small, independent films especially British indies we are very happy that we are able to contribute to this fantastic project in some way. The message of the film is also an important one, it will get people talking about mental illness and encourage a destigmatization that is very, very necessary. We want to encourage as many people as possible to help fund this brilliant project.

By donating £15 to their Indiegogo page here you will recieve a beautiful illustration of Carlo's design and the full Knitting Pattern for the Scarf so you can knit yourself your own part of cinema history.

It’s already been dubbed a British ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and won a ton of awards. Ewen Bremner will be playing the role of Kat’s father and an open casting call is taking place all over Britain to find the right Kat. This project not only promises to be heart warming and funny but it is sure to get people talking about mental illness. So what are you waiting for? Get involved!

1 comment

  • Rebecca

    03 December 2013, 4.37pm

    Lovely article - it's so great that Todds Hand Knits are involved :)

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