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Caption: via: cuteoverload.com

We awoke on Blue Monday with no particular aspirations for the day, just preparing ourselves for the start of another week. Then something magical happened, something so perfectly wonderful that we simply had to share it - it is Penguin Awareness Day! 

The 20th of January is a day dedicated to the only animals that will always be prepared for a black tie occasion. Such a momentous day led us to recall one of our favourite 'knitters in action' events. Back in 2011 there was a campaign in New Zealand, started by the yarn store Skeinz, that encoraged knitters from around the world to knit little sweaters for the penguins affected by an oil spill. As you can imagine the results were undeniably adorable (as shown above)! The sweaters made sure the penguins didn't poison themselves through preening but also encouraged global 'oohs' and 'aahhs'. Well done knitters, well done.

So stop what you're doing and google search penguins wearing sweaters for the remainder of the day.
You're Welcome.  


  • Spooky Thomas

    20 January 2014, 7.01pm

    Would you just look at those stylish penguins 'all knitted out baby', cool as, well, little penguins in groovy hand knits. Loving this blog, feel as warm n toastie as those penguins in wooly sweaters.

  • Si Zophanelefant

    20 January 2014, 11.28pm

    Doesn't January drag. Aren't Januarys dull. WELL NOT ANYMORE!!! Penguins - knitting - knitting - penguins! It's like a happiness overload, oh yes it is.

    Thank you Emily Thomas (beautifully written) and the good people of Todds Handknits. Wonderful.

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