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via NHS Facebook

It seems as though the NHS has cottoned on to the fabulousness that is a good yarnbomb. To raise awareness for a recent Blood donating scheme, the NHS called to arms hundreds of knitters to volunteer to ‘knit one, save one’ and create thousands of knitted red blood drops.

The eye-catching campaign was aimed at getting more 17-24 year olds to sign up to give blood. The number of people from this age group donating blood has been significantly falling in the last couple of years. The NHS values the support of the younger generation, as they are needed to replace those who can no longer donate. The knitted droplets were hung on trees around the country including in Sheffield and London.

Their tagline ‘Blood doesn’t grow on trees’ succinctly reminds us that the NHS are always in need of more blood donors. If you would like to sign up, or just find out a little more you can visit the Blood Donation website at www.blood.co.uk or check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NHSBlood

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