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Caption: via: Mariah Carey's Facebook

Remember back in January when we announced our luxury yarn producer Zegna Baruffa sponsored Sibling's AW14 collection at London Fashion Week? Well since then it seems that their superb collection has been the top pick for some of the world's most famous celebs.

This week Mariah Carey vamped it up in Sibling's very own couture crochet dress. Yes, you did read that right, MARIAH CAREY. Queen Diva herself rocked the finale look, knitted using Baruffa yarn, to an event on Wednesday night. She carried it off in true Mariah style, sipping champagne and sassing out to one of her own tracks. Check out the Vine to prove it: https://vine.co/v/MelUA6zu73q

She's not the only one that has been spotted showing Sibling a lotta love. Daisy Lowe worked the same dress at this year's BRIT Awards in London flashing so much thigh even Angelina Jolie would've been jealous. Such a stunning dress worn by such stunning ladies - they must know good yarn when they see it! 

Congrats to the Sibling crew for clothing Mariah, a true music icon, we're now off to dance around the office to her best hits - someone stick 'Heartbreaker' on quick.

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    04 April 2014, 4.56pm


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