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Caption: Emily Trendell - Textiles
Caption: Key Chow - Mens Fashion

'A distant rumble.
The horizon reddens,
as on fire, to the sea:
pitch-black, to the mountain,
rags of light-coloured clouds:
in the black a cottage'

Ever since we announced our collaboration with the Royal College of Art we have been eagerly awaiting the results of the first round, anticipating what the students would come up with. Using the above poem, students at the College created swatches, sketches and visual aides to illustrate their own interpretation of the poetry, with resounding results!

It is our pleasure to announce the results of the first round of the competition!
Our five semi-finalists include Emily Trendell (work pictured above), Charlotte Harris, Sarah Sweeney, Alex Pengelly and Key Chow (work pictured above).

Emily Trendell, a textiles student, used an interesting combination of stitches, which showed great development and an amazing stitch structure (shown above!). Fashion student Charlotte Harris included a fantastic use and range of colours in her interpretation and worked with a great variety of yarns to produce fascinating shapes and volumes. Fellow fashion student Sarah Sweeney stood out from the group by incorporating a mixture of different materials into her design, an eye-catching contrast of yarns and alternative fabrics. Alex Pengelly, studying Textiles, worked with a variety of different structures and combinations of techniques which allowed for a very free and experimental element to be expressed. Our final semi-finalist Key Chow impressed with exquisite sketches and produced an exciting range of textures in a smart casual style.

A special mention has to go to the students that didn't quite make it through to the second stage. All the designs we received were of an exceptionally high level of skill and innovation. We were nothing but impressed! Lyonard Miszkiewz tugged at our heart strings with a highly emotive interpretation of the poet's life, Lauren Maun used an interesting cording technique with a great mixture of multi-ended yarns, Jessica Leclere impressed us all by teaching herself to knit within a very short time, achieving a brilliant level of work and finally Sabine Roth implemented a unique theme of light which she traced throughout her entire work.

Our judging task was in no way an easy one!

We will keep you updated on the progress of our five semi-finalists as they move into the next stage, bringing their projects from sketch to life. Whilst we wait excitedly, why not let us know what you would have created...

(a full gallery of all the entries can be found on our Facebook page

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