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Our favourite crochet artist Olek has pulled off quite possibly the coolest art installation of the century. Yesterday she revealed her ticking time bomb sculpture at the bottom of the Caribbean ocean.

The installation involves submerged multi-coloured cartoon style bombs aimed to symbolise the urgent environmental threat to our oceans. On her Instagram Olek writes of the project ‘I chose to crochet this piece to bring awareness to the state of the world’s oceans and promote preservation of marine life. We need to act now if we wish to save our seas.’

She details that global shark populations are being decimated due to the persistent demand for shark fin soup and calls for awareness of this drastic environmental issue, drawing attention to the idea that Extinction Never Sleeps. Created in collaboration with Pangea-Seed, the Hawaii-based non-profit concerned with shark and ocean preservation, the project aims to create inspirational imagery to change the public’s perspective on sharks and to show that shark’s are worth more alive than dead.

And don’t worry, all the materials used in this particular piece are totally natural and biodegradable, ever the Peaceful Warrior of the Sea is Olek!

All photos via Olek's instagram, see more here: @oleknyc 

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